Institution: Muzeum Narodowe we Wroc?awiu / The National Museum in Wroc?aw
Address: Plac Powsta?ców Warszawy 5, 50-153 Wroc?aw
Telephone: +48 71 372 51 50
Fax: +48 71 343 56 43

National Museum in Wroc?aw
pl. Powsta?ców Warszawy 5,
50-153 Wroc?aw
Tel. +48 71 372 51 50, 343 07 27

Miscellaneous works of art – paintings, sculptures, engravings, photographs and handicrafts – have been collected here in a Neo-Renaissance Netherlandish building erected in the 19th century. Permanent and temporary exhibitions include precious items made throughout the centuries – from Middle Ages until today originating not only from the region of Silesia or the rest of Poland but also from other European countries.

Ethnography Museum, Branch of the National Museum in Wroc?aw
Ul. Traugutta 111/113
50-420 Wroc?aw

A unique cultural institution of the Lower Silesia region, which gathers and shows at temporary exhibitions various works of material culture, art, fabrics, attires and folklore including superb collections of figural hives, gingerbread forms, painted furniture, glass paintings, sculptures, and devotional engravings. Exceptional character of the regional folk culture is reflected in the permanent exhibition entitled Lower Silesians – Memories, Culture, and Identity.

Panorama of the Battle of Rac?awice, Branch of the National Museum in Wroc?aw
ul. Purkyniego 11
50-155 Wroc?aw

Humongous parabolic painting (120 x 15 m) an impressive relic of 19th century mass culture painted by Jan Styka and Wojciech Kossak accompanied by a team of other painters to commemorate the victorious Battle of Rac?awice, which Ko?ciuszko troops fought with Russian army (1794). Thanks to the application of particular painting techniques and technological tools, it brings viewers back to past centuries and realities.

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