Institution: Futura
Address: Prague, Hole?kova 49, 150 00
Telephone: 0042 0 251 511 804

Founded in June 2003, FUTURA is a non-profit space focused on the exhibition and promotion of both international and local contemporary fine art and events. We discovered an essential need in Prague to provide both international visitors and the local public the opportunity to meet with one another in one common, easily accessible forum. The current Prague art and cultural scene lacks this kind of amiable space, one that welcomes the influx of influences from abroad and the establishment of cooperation with institutions and artists from other countries. We believe that contemporary art, as a unique universal language, can make a significant contribution to the discussion and understanding between various peoples and cultures.

Our aim is to cultivate an open and accessible space in Prague linking the broader public with contemporary fine art, and to facilitate a more fluid dialogue within the various fields of art and culture. FUTURA strives to become a vital partner within the larger visual art community, and we seek cooperation with galleries, institutions, and artists from other countries. FUTURA will provide opportunities for exchanges and cooperation between artists and art institutions both locally and internationally, which will inevitably lead to a new and diverse viewing audience and a strengthening of ties between the Czech Republic and beyond.

Until now, Prague has lacked an art institution that is open to all, that provides adequate room and support for projects as well as covering more than just the visual arts. We hope to enrich the cultural life of one of the most important cities of Post-Communist Europe abounding in public premises adequate for contemporary art, yet a place where visual art is still insufficiently supported and developed.

Exchange programmes developed with other galleries and institutions and participation in international exhibitions and arts events will be among FUTURA's key activities as well.

FUTURA is supported by state and foreign grants, donations, and private sponsors.

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