Institution: V?decko-výzkumné centrum AVU/ Research Centre, Academy of Fine Arts in Prague
Address: U Akademie 4, 170 22 Prague
Telephone: 0042 0 220 40 82 05
Fax: 0042 0 223 381 662

The VVP AVU was foundet in 1997 by a grant from the Czech Ministry of Education. From 1999 till 2004 it was the executor of the research project Modern and Post-modern Art since 1945. Now continues in researching Czech art from 1980 till 2005 (research project 2007-2012). In December 2001 this Centre published The Anthology of texts entiteld Czech Art 1938-1989 and in January 2007 its german version (in the cooperation with ZKM(Karlsruhe). VVP AVU with its Bibliobaze (database of bibliographical data) and I-datum (internet database of contemporary Czech art) serves as documentation and consultation centre for the broadest professional public and students of universities oriented toward the arts.

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