Institution: National Museum in Gda?sk / Muzeum Narodowe w Gda?sku
Address: ul. Toru?ska 1, 80-822 Gda?sk
Telephone: +48 58 301 68 04
Fax: +48 58 301 11 25

The National Museum in Gdansk is one of the oldest museums in Poland. It consists of seven departments. The permanent exhibitions display old, modern and contemporary fine arts and crafts. The old Gdansk painting and goldsmithery are the most impressive of them. The pearl in the whole Museum collection is The Last Judgement by Hans Memling.

The Department of Old Art,
ul Toru?ska 1, 80-822 Gda?sk
T: (058) 3016804 F: 3011125

Coll of Old Gda?sk Pomeranian Art including painting, sculpture, prints, drawings and decorative arts as textiles, furniture, ceramics, goldsmithery, exhibits from the Middle Ages to Neoclassicism.

The Department of Modern Art – Abbots’ Palace in Gda?sk - Oliwa,
ul. Cystersów 18, 80-330 Gda?sk
T: (058) 5521271 F: 5524637

Coll of contemporary Polish art in a historical baroque palace.

The Department of Ethnography - Abbots’ Granary,
ul. Cystersów 19, 80-330 Gda?sk
T: (058) 5524139 F: 5521271

Folk art objects from the Gda?sk Pomeranian region.

Gda?sk Gallery of Photography,
ul Grobla I 3-5, 80-834 Gda?sk
T/F: 058 301 71 47

The collection including old and contemporary photographs, Polish and foreign, from Gda?sk, Pomerania and borderlands.

The Department of Green Gate,
ul D?ugi Targ 24, 80-828 Gda?sk
T/F: (058) 3075912

Two chambers (300 m² each one) functioning as exhibition halls, a place for meetings, conferences and shows.

National Anthem Museum in B?domin
83 - 422 Nowy Barkoczyn
Gmina Nowa Karczma
T: +48 058 687 71 83

A baroque residence from the beginning of the 18th century, the birthplace of Józef Wybicki - a composer of Polish national anthem, big collection of patriotic objects.

The Museum of the Tradition of Polish Nobility,
Waplewo Wielkie, 82-410 Stary Targ
T: (055) 277 15 68

The palace, typical of the houses of Polish noblemen, surrounded by a splendid park set up by Kajetan Sierakowski, member of the Polish Parliament (Sejm), in the second half of the 18th century.

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