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2010 - 2030
AVU Research Center's on-line video-archive database
In May 2010 the AVU Research Centre's on-line video-archive database was launched as part of the i-datum contemporary art database.

Full text searches can be made as well as searches according to specific criteria (author name, title of work, year of creation, language version, etc.). The on-line database is gradually cataloguing the AVU Research Centre's video archive. Since 2007 the AVU Research Centre has been compiling mainly Czech video art and video documentation of art from the 1980s to present (lectures, performances, studio visits, records from exhibitions, etc.). The archive currently contains some 700 works; we are gradually adding to the list on the Internet, so if you don't in the near future find what you're looking for, it's best to contact us directly. So far the archives of Ji?í Sur?vka, Ale? Záboj and Ji?í Šev?ík have been digitised, the focus is a contemporary video-art collection.

The videos can be, upon agreement, viewed at the AVU Research Centre; in the event of their further use we mediate contact with the artist. Part of the archive can be viewed at Arty?, which we collaborate with.

If you own interesting material concerning Czech and Slovak art over the past fifty years, we'd be pleased if you donated a copy to the AVU Research Centre's video archive. We digitize recordings on older media.

Those interesting in studying in the AVU Research Centre's video archive are cordially invited.

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